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Ducted - Forced Air

Heating and A/C Installations

American Standard Air Systems, Extremely quiet. high-efficient, low-loss Ducted forced-air, Heat and A/C Systems.

  • High-efficiency, Mass-Save Qualified, less than 2% air loss. Over 90% efficiency ratings

  • Natural Gas or "LP' Forced Air Furnaces

    • With our Without A coil for a/c.

  • Optional Heat Pump and A/C or A/C Only outdoor condensers.

  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

  • 3 Year Installer workmanship warranty

  • Guaranteed no Leaks for 3 years!

  • ​Air Handlers for a/c and Heat pumps​

    • Optional with additional Back-up Internal Emergency Electronic Heat source, for back-up heat and more efficiency​. 

At Higher Standard Service, we take pride in offering the best new and replacement system equipment in the market, with 10 year manufacturer warranty. We work directly  with American Standard and offer complete system replacements of Furnaces, Air Handlers, Central A/C and hew Heat Pump Technology. With American Standard Air we are able to offer our consumer an array of products for different budgets, applications and designs.

All HVAC&R System Installations and their recommended applications.

Higher Standard Service, completely understands that it can be overwhelming when picking out a new HVAC or Refrigeration System.


Our Goal is to entirely remove that stigma, and set a new, Higher Standard in consumer expectations for all service companies to come. We do this by offering customer accommodations such as ; Online Booking and Service menu with prices, we offer an unmatched 3 year workmanship warranty, and 1 year Full Coverage, no questions warranty on any new system we reccomend and install.

Paired with the unmatched performance, energy efficiency and comfort control of METUS [ a collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric, American-Standard, and Trane HVAC/R, and the unmatched warranty and accommodation our company has to offer. Higher Standard Service is the obvious choice for all HVAC and R System Installations, Repair and Maintenance.

Ductless Zoned Comfort

Ductless Air  - Heating & A/C Installations

Mitsubishi Comfort Ductless High-Efficiency #1 rated Ductless Heat pump and A/C systems

  • High-Efficiency, Ductless Heat and A/C systems, with optional "Hyper Heat" offering a heating capacity of about 93% at -13°F Outdoor temp {compared to oil heats next in line at roughly 85% in only 30°F

  • Hyper-Heat offers guaranteed comfort in subzero temperatures

  • Single-Zone and Multi-Zone systems gives the consumer the option to use this Ductless Mini-Split System for supplemental comfort or Primary Comfort in one room or addition to the house, With the Multi-Zone systems we can Heat and Cool your entire home with no need for additional systems to this ductless multi-zone system.

  • Clean-Air multi filter, anti allergen and air renew filter, for fresher cleaner air without the need to clean your ducts or change filters, simply rinse them off and put them back!

Higher Standard is very proud to work with Mitsubishi Ductless, and all our technicians are trained and certified by Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi offers many different system designs and applications. Mitsubishi Comfort is most well-known for their top of line Ductless Heat and A/C system technology. With the choice of slim discreet, wall-mounted head units, recessed ceiling mounted units, floor units, packaged thru wall systems, And internal Register Head units mountable in the ceiling or wall, giving the appearance of a traditional ducted central a/c system but the benefits, and efficiency of a ductless system. Oh and did we mention that with Mitsubishi you can mix and match an array of different products to personally customize you system design entirely to suit your home and your desires


American Standard - Mitsubishi Ductless - METUS

As partners of American-Standard and Mitsubishi, with Higher Standard Service you can trust that your equiptment is being installed per manufacturer requirements and reccomendation for best operation. We offer everything from Economical Packages to Platinum 23-SEER Extra High-Efficiency Packages

"Ductless" systems by Mitsubishi 

Mitsubishi Electric U.S. has been providing some of the leading, top-rated heating and cooling equiptment for over a decade. They have now joined with another company in a split 50/50 venture, naming it "METUS"

Air Conditioner

Zoning and Controls

This is your Feature description. Write a short blurb explaining what the feature is and why it matters for clients. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn! Take this opportunity to emphasize the important benefits.



This is your Feature description. Write a short blurb explaining what the feature is and why it matters for clients. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn! Take this opportunity to emphasize the important benefits.

About our manufacturer

Mitsubishi Electric Trane U. S. (METUS)

Mitsubishi Electric U.S. / American-Standard / Trane HVAC

In 2018 Ingersoll Rand and Mitsubishi Electric two of the countries leading manufacturers in the HVAC industry, created a 50/50 joint venture named Mitsubishi Electric Trane Hvac US (METUS), a leading provider in  innovative products, systems and solutions capable of cooling and heating any application from a home to a large commercial building.

This family of Top-Rated HVAC Providers includes, Mitsubishi Electric, Trane HVAC, and American Standard Heating and Cooling Systems. This new collaboration know as "METUS", offers an array of products from floor to ceiling; unmatched in energy efficiency, performance and control. 

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