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Policies, Deposits and Refund Procedures


Installations : Installations will require a 40% to 60% deposit upon agreement to invoice and design plan. Deposits on installs are refundable in full, or partial refunds per situation. In the event that you change your mind immediately before we order and design the install then your deposit can be refunded in full. However, if you voluntarily pay the deposit on a specified invoice you are agreeing to that invoice. Higher Standard Service is then going to start the design and begin placing the order for the work described in the invoice; at this point you can no longer receive a full refund. If you choose to cancel after agreement and we have already spent the time on this then we will deduct from the deposit as we see fit to cover to company's time and / or losses due to your cancellation after agreement.


Please just read the invoice and be sure before you place your deposit. Keep constant communication with us and always update us of any changes immediately. 


SERVICES : When requesting services from Higher Standard Service, we will send out an email before service for confirmation of time, day, and price estimate or invoice. Once you accept and sign that email you are agreeing to the services described and the prices listed for them. By having us come out you are responsible for atleast the service charge that you requested. If any other services have already been performed WITH YOUR PERMISSION you will be charged for those as well. There will be NO REFUNDS on services. All services are Guaranteed and Warrantied. If you need to cancel or reschedule you must do so atleast 12 hours before the service, preferably the day before. If you do not give sufficient notice for cancellation you will be charged a $50.00 Cancellation charge.

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